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    Default Special TR rules for Iconic Heroes

    Alright, I, like many others, believe that Iconic Heroes should have the ability to TR once they reach the heroic level cap in order to add more replayability and fun to the characters. However, given that they are created just a bit differently than other characters, they should have a few different rules for TR'ing. Here are some rules that I propose for TR'ing out/into a iconic hero:

    • Iconic Heroes may TR into any non-iconic class, provided that they have access to that respective class. There are no special requirements needed otherwise.
    • Iconic Heroes and non-iconic heroes may TR into any iconic class IF they either have been that class once on their character or have at least one past life that relates to that iconic characters class, provided they have access to this class. (Ex.: Tr'ing into a bladeforged paladin requires one past life in paladin OR one past life as a bladeforged paladin.).
    • If a character attempts to TR into a multiclass iconic hero, they must have at least one past life in that iconic's dominant class (Dominant being the class with most levels, if it is a equal split, default rules apply for determining what is 'dominant' based on class name.)
    • When Iconic Heroes TR, they will start as low of a level as possible (I.E.: If they can start at level 1, they will, otherwise, they will start at the lowest level possible to which content can be completed.), and will be given special TR gear to compensate for their low level if their current starter gear is too high of a level.
    • Iconic heroes can only gain past life benefits ONCE. However, their past lives may consist of either just a passive feat or a passive/active feat. Both types of feats are free, and given as with any other free TR feats. They do not have purchasable feats.
    • Iconic heroes can only have a maximum of 34 character points due to the power they possess. They do benefit from 32-point builds however, so even 1 immediate TR is enough to max out how many points are given to them at character creation. Players may allocate any extra points given into whatever they wish.
    • The stories of Iconic heroes will change a bit when TR'ing them as opposed to starting fresh.
    • All other normal TR rules apply to them, such as character cache, XP requirements, exc., exc.

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    Me personally I think Iconic Heroes should be limited to just Epic level progression after 20, and not have TR capabilities and here's why: Iconic heroes are meant to get you into high level content strait from the get go, they are powerful for their level, and with Epic Destinies they will certainly be dominating in Epic Elite, but the problem is, if they can also TR, it takes away the value of a normal character, because they had to TR without all those advantages. With the current system, a normal character can pile on past life feats, and with a TON of questing, put out the same capabilities as an Iconic Hero, but if Iconic heroes can TR, then Iconic Heroes become the only viable way to build a powerful character. Especially because, for example, the IH assassin has similar stats to a drow but no con penalty, which in a way already compares to the stat advantage of a 2 time TR (first time TR I guess is more accurate since it doesnt have the cha bonus of a drow, but still)

    As for your idea of TR'ing but limited bonuses, I think in that case it could work under the condition that an Iconic Hero that TR's cannot TR into an Iconic Hero, but does get the Past Life and Build Point advantages in the next, non iconic life, and the BTC gear that Iconics come with cannot be used after TR'ing

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    They already said somewhere, that iconincs will be able to TR into normal toons and vice versa, but Iconincs will have different past life feats, so don't worry, your 3 times paladin will not suddenly be valueless because bladeforged will not give paladin past life.

    I don't really see any need to reduce it, its just in fact easier acces to 36 point build, the smallest benefit of TR.

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