Hi, my main toon has 3 Cleric past lives, which give +2 Cleric levels to turn undead (so, +6 for 3), and is currently on a Pally life, and I still cannot turn a single undead.

Note I started with 16 base CHA, have an extra +2 CHA from Completionist, and am wearing a +6 CHA item at level 11, as well as a Silver Flame item, Sacred item, and an Eternal Faith item.

Not only that, but I'm also A HotD, which adds extra CLR levels to turning.

Basically, I am completely maxed out for Turning undead, without having started with 18 base CHA.

So with all this, I still cannot Turn any undead in at-level content.

....so what's the point of turn undead again?