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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    The only time the 1% Turbine fanboi in me comes out is the when the Neverwinter tards start posting.

    The game is a retarded joke, if it's your preferance get the heck out and don't let the door slam into you as you leave.
    One thing also ...

    I can play NW successfully with my 9 year old daughter. DDO is a bit too complex for her.

    She'll be capped soon over there. So, there's that to consider. Now it is an option for family game night.
    Ghallanda - now with fewer alts and more ghostbane

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    I tried Neverwinter and ultimately was pretty disappointed. Yes it is new and that kept me interested for a while. But their cash grab is even worse than DDO and I don't like having so little options for any aspect of my character.

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    After all the hype about neverwinter I installed it and deleted it in less than an hour. I am waiting to see you in farmerama where the grass is greener cause i fertilize it.

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