I've tried VERY hard to remain loyal to DDO, but when the last expansion STILL has SO MANY unfixed bugs (which I originally got banned for pointing out during the beta) and we are about to see ANOTHER expansion before the last one gets fixed, Turbine has made it impossible to do so.

There is another game where the Devs actually listen to the players, the game gets brought down AS ISSUES ARE REPORTED so they can be fixed as expeditiously as possible and ALL PROMISED CONTENT ARRIVES WHEN PROMISED!

I have removed the DDO software from my machine (as I don't see any future use for it) and am taking this opportunity to both say goodbye to the few friends I have made in the game and tell all the flamers to go flame themselves!

We've had to wait YEARS just to get BASIC PHB content and don't even get me started on the sorry attempts at a hybrid between edition 3.5 (which the game was SUPPOSED to be based on) and 4th edition (which was ONLY thrown in to ATTEMPT to compete with Neverwinter Online)!

I WISH I had nice things to say about the game or Turbine, but since the ORIGINAL beta for the pay to play version ALL I have experienced are MASSIVE headaches and an ever-growing lack of respect for both the game AND the company!

This "community" ONLY looks for the next person to put down so they can make themselves look more important in their own eyes and people like Cordovan make it next to impossible to have ANYTHING nice to say about Turbine.

On a positive note, people like Tolero and SqueakOfDoom have made my experiences here on the forums semi-pleasant as they have always been helpful, informative and understanding of the shortcomings of their colleague's communicative skills (or lack thereof)!

And to preemptively answer the inevitable "Can I Have your stuff?": It has already been divided amongst my guildmates on the servers so that they could benefit from my years of frustration with this game.

Have a good one guys, and if you decide to try out my new gaming home, I'm on all servers as Joalin, Artemis, Banshee, Crystal and Dazzler!