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    Default Kchows stuff

    Right, I'm far to lazy to put this on a bank toon, so I'm going to try and shift it.

    All items are EE unless otherwise stated

    Helm of the Black Dragon - STR +3
    Helm of the Black Dragon - CON +3
    Helm of the White Dragon - STR +3
    Helm of the White Dragon - Dex +8

    Backstabber's Gloves

    Skyvault Shield
    Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    Bronze Ingot Arcanum - Corrosion/Impulse 120
    Mantle of the Dragonfriend - Cha +8

    Ivy Wraps

    Exceptional +1 Str diamond
    +7 Con Diamond
    +3 Dex tome

    What I'm After
    Ring of House Avithoul - +2 wis
    EH Blue helm - Wis +8
    Exceptional +1 Wis diamond
    +3 heart of wood
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