I found this in known issues:
NEW: The quest "Protect Baudry’s Interests" is temporarily unavailable due to a kobold infestation the likes of which is too much even for kobold exterminators!

but that quest was ok, i did it solo as wizard and im not that kind of uber munchkin class builder (dying in quest is my second name ), but please dont reduce kobolds. or can we get some really kobold infested quest? but realy realy infested? maybe mid level. something realy challenging, like party goes to good old sewer and is ambushed by hundreds of kobolds and if they dont stop them, harbor will be eaten i love harbor sewers and kobold slayer quest there but its not....it need some spice, real infestation, something like epic version of kobold defend (that one is realy good and chalenging for low level)

just my opinion