Hey guys,

I've seen this issue pop up in forums here and there, but wanted to know if there was an actual solution anybody found.

My Windows 8 PC connects to the server fine, lets me create a character fine, detects Direct X 9, 10, 11 fine, but as soon as I hit "enter" on my new character, it cuts to the loading graphic (with "loading...please wait) at the bottom and does... nothing.

No progress bar filling, nothing. I end up having to force exit every time. I've waited and waited... nothing. To this day I've never actually been IN the game.

I doubt this is a router issue, as I can connect to the server fine before this stage. I doubt it's a Direct X or video issue, as I'm already in "3D land" by the time you're creating a character.

*** is going on here? Can someone help?