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    Default Rogue2/Ranger18 vs. Rogue2/Ranger6/Fighter12

    Here's a question I don't have to answer immediately, since I'm leveling at Rogue and Ranger first. Please give perspective on Rogue2/Ranger18 over Rogue2/Ranger6/Fighter12. I'm wondering if it makes sense to level in later levels in fighter to take advantage of extra feats. To effectively use fighter, I would have to take Weapon Finesse to effectively use Dex, thought I imagine this char being more of an archer. This is my first time playing through ddo, so I don't know enough of the game mechanics at upper levels to make a good decision.

    Here's the breakdown as I see it.

    4 extra skill points per level over fighter
    Improved Wild Empathy
    3rd and 4th favored enemy
    Hide in Plain sight

    5 extra feats (assuming already used two for Improved Precise Shot and Greater Two Weapon Fighting)
    Access to Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization
    Access to better armor without spending feats - though then I would have to spend points to reduce armor penalties

    All in all, addition of fighter would make his less skilled, less sneaky, but have more feats. Also, the fighter levels would allow path exploration in addition to ranger paths (Arcane Archer + Kensai?) Does the mix add for a better overall archer DPS and does that matter in endgame over better skills?

    Thanks in advance for the perspective.

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    Fortunately, I have builds for both. See my Tempest trapmonkey and Ranged Pauper for examples. Long story short, you have the gist of it: the Kensei II / AA or Tempest I will have better melee DPS, esp. burst (Power Surge + Haste Boost IV + Manyshot = pew pew!); while the Tempest III will have more skill pts and better survivability & self-sufficiency from higher-lvl spells, higher Reflex saves, etc. Both builds will have Evasion and max UMD.
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    Thanks Unbongwah! Looking at your builds was most helpful. I think the Longbow Kensai is what I was shooting for and I'm glad to know the direction I hoped to take will pan out. I didn't punch in for UMD when I started the character (currently Rogue1/Ranger2), but I'll begin working towards it since it sounds important.


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