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    Default How does the Perfect Two Weapon Fighting feat work, what stacks what doesnt?

    Does it stack with all other doublestrike bonuses like Killer from the Deepwood tree?
    Does the total doublestrike stack with the offhand doublestrike (total 15% doublestrike)?
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    It should stack with basically all other forms of doublestrike.

    That said.... offhand doublestrike is basically useless right now. It works where the chance is calculated only when the mainhand offstrike happens.

    So, you're basically just looking at 5% doublestrike, and the offhand part is more or less useless (If you have other sources to get you to 10% total doublestrike, that offhand bit is basically worth an extra 1% doublestrike).

    Pretty attractive for THF fighters. Not so much for TWF, but may still be worth a feat because, hey... DPS is DPS.
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