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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironclans_evil_twin View Post
    I guess the OP intends to spend a few hours reporting everything they find offensive.

    Here's how I look at it:

    They (meaning Turbine not the mod team) have really botched things for a few weeks, yes only a few weeks, I am not going to include the failure to fix the ladder bug running joke, or the infamous misspellings in the release notes, indeed even the various minor bugs that screw with a few select classes or playstyles. I include this borked forum and it's continued 5 week long suckitude, that terrible looking alpha enhancement preview that they are probably not going to significantly change despite the heavy and justified criticism of it's new restrictiveness, this last update which seems more sloppy and has more widespread bugs (everyone what uses spell power for starters it seems I say it seems because I haven't been able to find a group to play the last couple nights to test it for myself). And on top of all that, the game feels like "rats off a sinking ship" right now, every night the last two weeks has been harder to find LFM's.

    So we've got a very concentrated frustration level to the point that even people who tended to give Turbine benefit of the doubt (such as myself) you know; they only have a small staff, subject to upper managerial types pushing unrealistic goals and time frames, bugs being an unavoidable consequence of the PC platform etc. are no longer doing that. I can't give benefit of the doubt when something as OBVIOUS as making sure the enhancement pass preview left overs, don't make to to live.

    You've got a million new throw away forum accounts, because many people have a throw away game account or 6 (think small guild bonus for one man guilds) and don't rightly give a cr@p what happens to it, as they speak their mind about this roll Turbine seems to be on... downhill... spiraling... swirling?

    Now that's not to say it's not easy to make a temp forum account it was, it's just now you literally have 6 other's lined up and ready to go, all you have to do is know your login and wallah you have an alternate posting identity. and if you're like me, you probably used an alternate game account for your forum login, because:

    A) your old forum nick is borked and you couldn't use it anyway so you used a login for an alt account.
    B) you no longer want to associate your real actual playing account with your forum identity due to the worsening of security they accomplished when they tied them together.
    D) you don't much care about posting history or your old nick anyway, as the account is full of infractions most of which were a result of insulting someone's podcast a week or two before they miraculously became a Turbine employee in charge of moderating the forums. *cough* oh you mean you DIDN'T do that?

    Plus while things are this bad with Turbine for some people it's nice to just be able to unload and not worry about what infractions may come (note to be clear I know they can obviously infract my original account or add those to this account if they deem anything I say or my recent posts worthy as I am not trying to hide that (or care if they do, I am honestly beyond caring)... This "perfect storm" of bad decisions lately has caused the game to be so unplayable that I am already playing other games more than DDO (check out Path of Exile open beta for build compexities and non-meta gaming)... I can't find a GD LFM to join, or find players to join mine (just like the other 15 players out of 25 LFM's who are sitting around in a one person LFM not filling).

    You've got a new forum that feels like it's the wild west, simply due to the shear volume of people cussing at it's terrible um... everything... everything about it is terrible. Well I like the background (full disclosure I actually like the very OD&D feeling to the art style especially the guy holding up the torch, looks like an old module cover from 1979 or something, You could name that background "B5 - The Spiders of the Barrier Peak Caverns" I'm sure that was the intent, so many DDO players go back to OD&D, so very well done art guy. BTW Turbine why aren't there more quests with Torches?)

    And last and certainly not least: the mod team has always been rather lazy seeming and low profile for a major forum. I am the global mod of a large Mustang Enthusiast site, larger than DDO, and I expect Mods to ACTIVELY READ THE FORUMS and even participate in threads/discussion to maintain their visibility. Especially threads that are obviously touchy subjects or heated/hot topics (I also expect no preferential treatment and watch for it, but that's another story) . In fact I have a rule, any thread that goes past 3 pages must be checked multiple times a day for the inevitable p!ssing contest that will flare up. This doesn't happen here. Here you get a 8 page thread about a predictable hot button topic that has been a flame war for at least 4 pages, and the mod "team" deletes one reported post and seemingly doesn't even look to see what might have caused the offending post. The problem seems to be that they don't actually read, they reactively await reported posts, and even then they do the bare minimum.

    Sorry but if I can read a forum in a few hours without it being my job, then multiple moderators with all day with nothing to do BUT READ should be on top of things. Not to mention that certain subjects are 100% predictably going to turn into a flame war within a couple pages, and are never going to get past 3 or 4 without being wall to wall insults. "ANYTHING Pay 2 Win ANYTHING ELSE <various amounts of exclamation marks>" ... yep tune into that when it hits page two and start deleting... If I know that, how on earth don't the "mods"?
    Unfortunately, while most of this comment is dead on (and one should tack on the hundreds of Turbine-critical posts since this thread was last posted in), the ongoing random and subjective censorship of opinions and perspectives that are critical of Turbine simply because someone in the company gets their wittle feewings hurt, or disagrees with the POV of the poster, is yet another symptom of the incopetency that's killing the game. Never mind that if the devs actually took even a few of the very good ideas posted by the community to heart, or simply improved their QA to something resembling industry standard, it would also reduce the number of unhappy posts on the forums. I suppose that goal is achieved by people simply quitting the game, too.\

    Sieg Heil!

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