so ive finally decided to not only get the ppreorder for the new Expansion, but also legendary upgrade (i like stuff^^) and the 11k tp bündle on top, so far everythings fine. payment via PayPal, done. payment sucessfull, mail delivered... but now

ive tried all the three codes (ex, upgrade, tp) and None of them seems to work, neither do i get any confirmation nor it Shows any changes to my account, not to speak of any ingame items...

yes ive handled codes many times before and never had an issue, but These simply dont bite into my account somehow

yesyes tickets out, Support requested. id alos try a second buy to test if PayPal had let me redo the payment so i could do it again but since ist completed and codes delivered i sit here with three lines of numbers worth 150$ or so lol

any similar experiences out there? i waned some of the stuff to go on some tr this Weekend and now looking forward to getting something of use least the next 2weeks if optimistic.