Yes we all know lag is bad, many times it makes the game unplayable, it is frustrating we hate it the devs have said they are working on it. They also have said because of their limited resources they can't know everything or test everything that causes lag. This thread is to help with that, not to complain about lag there have been plenty of threads that do that.

I play both heroic and epic content. I have seen and played through or been wiped by lag as most players have. I have noticed the last few updates have increased lag massively in the game overall. This may be due to the added complexity of the code or the other changes but it is a fact. Devs have addressed a few issues in hotfixes but generally these hotfixes have had small effect from what I have seen to the game as a whole. As another update with more another class, more content, and more levels are in the near future with more massive lag creation elements ready to come online I thought this may be a good time to provide the devs with as much information as we can.

Places that are particularly bad are raids, quests, and explorer areas that involve mass spawn triggers. Caught in the web, fire on thunder peaks, death wyrm, what goes up, MOD, Epic orchard and several other places have these types of triggers. I suspect either the hardware or the code can't keep up with the mass spawns, thus as the server tries to keep up with all the spawns and their ai demands the processes that control or take input from users take a back seat. I would suspect although, this is simply my suspicion, that much, not all, of the world wide lag may be caused by multiple instances of massive spawn quests taking place.

Examples CITW; This has several mass spawns each time fighting loth, her legs, at each portal, I have seen major lag at each mass spawn point.

FoTP a few min after the trash starts spawning when the dragons are being beat on there is a mass spawn which generally causes 2-3 min freeze if you are lucky on en and eh on ee I have seen it as much as 15 min.

DW......not even starting on this one

What goes up EE on top of mythlar

Breaking the ranks each wave

Haunted halls endless necro/zombies, mummy chest with endless guard spawns, giant chest/w endless ghost spawns

Terminal D Great quest cool concept mirror part causes much lag

Slayer areas like epic Orchard, Thunderholm, stormhorns, and a few others scale mobs with group size. Bigger groups cause bigger spawns, which in turn cause more lag. I like using slayers for xp and reducing the slayer scale method would make these areas much less valuable for xp farming. I would hate to loose slayers for xp but if this is nailed down as a major cause of lag I would gladly have slower slayer xp for less lag.

A simple solution would be to get better more and beefier hamsters. Feed them more often get them better wheels to run in, maybe even upgrade from hamsters to guinea pigs. I realize this has been discussed by Sev. Not quite in the same terms but the same idea. Eventually this will be done but it is down the road. I also suspect that regardless of how much of an upgrade we get at some point we will have the same problem again.

Another possibility would be to look at the mass mob trigger effects. I enjoy the quests these happen in. I am not requesting a nerf. Just suggesting rather than adding difficulty by having players be attacked by 8k worthless mobs that spawn at once instantly creating DA and lag instead why not spawn fewer more powerful enemies?

more threat from individual mobs, less threat from the unkillable lag beast.

Please post your problem places and ideas. With enough input the devs maybe able to nail down a few of the worst problem places and get fixes that will solve the problem.