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    Default Using your expansion code

    Yesterday, I bought the standard edition of the prepurchase. When I got my code, the instructions were very unclear as how to use it. So, I called customer service and got a very helpful person on the line. To use your expansion code, log into, just like it tells you. Then, click change billing options. Select enter game time card code. Put your expansion code into the box that pops up. This *should* apply the expansion to your account. If it doesn't, keep putting the code in, and it will eventually work, as I was told by the customer service representative. It worked first try for my dad, but I was already on the phone with customer service, so they manually added the service to my account. All said, its probably easier to just keep entering the code than to call customer service, as I was on hold for close to an hour.
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    you are entering the code on the wrong page

    its a product key, not a game time card

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    Default It's a Time card Code

    Quote Originally Posted by jayboss1 View Post
    you are entering the code on the wrong page

    its a product key, not a game time card
    Check out this link it does explain the Time card Code and how to apply it

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    Default Shrggnien is correct

    Shrggnien's instructions are correct for some of us. I'm on the 3-month billing plan, so simply trying to "activate product key" would give me an error message that said something about my account already containing features of the upgrade.

    Following Shrggnien's instructions, however, actually added the upgrade codes to my account.

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