Hey guys. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out a build and finally decided to make a post and get some help. One thing to note is that the research I've been doing has been in some pretty old forum posts so some of my ideas might be dated.

I wanted a balanced character, one that can do decent damage while also having good assassinate DC. Pretty much what Sploigy posted in his "balanced approach" build. I'm not 100% sure if this is still a good way to go, and I would like to hear arguments for going more one way or the other, but it sounded fun.

If I did go this route a few questions I had are Half-Elf versus Human. I'm really torn about these two races and they both sound good. It feels like Human is a pretty safe choice, but I've heard good things about the Half-Elf Arti Dilly. Is the Dilly mainly for the +1 Int, or are repeaters really worth using? I'll post a quick rough draft of what I was going to do if I went Human.

15 Str
14 Con
16 Dex
16 Int
8 Wis
8 Cha

Prof: Khopesh
Imp Crit: Slashing
Imp Sneak Attack

A few questions about feats. I'd like to get Power Attack but can I really afford the negative to hit with my somewhat low strength? Do people still suggest Khopesh? And if I don't get Khopesh, what would you guys suggest to get in it's place?

Thanks for any help.