One of the things that really appeals to me about the Juggernaut - "Prime of the Warforged" Build is that it is supposed to be really good at melee.

Yet I see quite a few of the feats in the Juggernaut Build seem to be geared towards ranged damage with either a bow or a crossbow and the rune arm seems to be ignored altogether.

I am a new player so obviously I don't understand all of the different class dynamics and feat selections - but doesn't it make more sense since the Artificer comes with the ability to use rune arm to use rune arm for range damage?

Quote from an Artificer guide....

"Rune arms are absolutely vital to the Artificer class. It doesn't really matter whether you go with a ranged, melee or caster build, your rune arm is still a major part of your damage output... when properly used, that is."

1) Is bow damage/xbow that much better than rune arm or is it that rune arm is such a pita "to use properly" as the guides author puts it.

2) Does anyone have a Melee Juggernaut build that focuses on the Rune Arm for damage instead of the Crossbow for damage?

3) Can you train cleave and use rune arm at the same time? (I looked into prereqs for cleave and it doesn't say anything about a 1 handed or 2 handed weapon).

Thanks all!