So I organized a quick run of Caught in the Web, on Normal for Completion, 40th Run for a character that is destined for TR since TWF is so broken its not in the least bit funny anymore.

We step in, buff and get started.

Hum something seems wrong, my TWF (12 Pally, 6 Rogue, 2 Monk - Half-Elf 36 Point Build) is suddenly doing the amount of damage she is supposed to be doing, roughly 80 points per swing (x2 with Right and Left) and 240 points on Criticals. What the heck did Turbine Fix? A build that really hasn't worked in almost 16 months, which sat waiting for the enhancement pass to see what I should do with. Of course it didn't last, in the next quest I tried back to 60 points per swing with criticals about 120.

Wow I am excited.

We grab Ana, beat down Lolth in short order when Ana says something like "Backup to Node 2" huh what?
Okay the hand pops out, what aren't the legs supposed to happen first, the hand smacks down a poor character and then disappears.
Okay pull off eight legs. Done, get the DM text message, except the counter says 2 more to go. So beat down two more legs, except the counter says two more to go.. Beat down two more when the counter finally says 8 legs pulled off. Wow bad exchange rate or something, we killed at least 12. I probably wouldn't have noticed, except we got the DM text when we were supposed to.

Off we go to the second artifact, no problems except the "Backup to Node 4" message the mistress of agonies are screaming when they steal a life I mean restore their HP.

Third Artifact again not an issue, except I managed to pull agro from a build I shouldn't off, I mean with 80% threat reduction...

Off we go to end fight. We like to make several clearing attempts of mobs from up above to bad they didn't want to play nice. We got like ten rather than the two dozen or three dozen we normally pull down. Of course this is all made more annoying by a party member trying to tell us we are doing it wrong. No kidding we should pull more they aren't coming. so let go up.

Trash cleanup took longer than expected but because we couldn't pull that was expected.

Off to Lolth and her beat down. Her HP is falling, falling, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75, wham back to 100% health. We beat he back down again, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75 wham back 100% health. Ahhh now what... Keeping beating her down and another melee type falls back to help with trash. 95, 90, 85, 75, bam... 100% Okay guys what's everyone supplies look like, party member telling us we are doing it wrong because she regens health that fast. Okay this is 40th run on this character and like my 200 completion ever she has never done this before. 95, 90, 85, 75, bam... 100% and we get the DM text about killing the portal keeps to escape, since beating her down is not working lets try going up to the final portal.
5 minutes up there and truly there is an endless supply of portal keepers.
Down to the south island, have Ana pull up a shrine, regroup re buff and make one last try, we have already been in here over an hour (only 4 deaths) and not many (if any) pots drunk.

Back up clear trash, deaths start for the party. Off to Lolth, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75..... 70, ... 65, 60, 55, 50 when party member says whoa this is finally working, god don't jinx us now. 45, 40 ... 15, 10 - DM text Backup to Node 4 - bad words said, lolth disappears.

Up, a dozen mobs later we beat the quest. All six chests.

1) Why did my character who hasn't worked in 18 months suddenly start dealing the appropriate amount of damage, of course in the next quest I tried back to well below expectations of damage.

2) What the heck is backup to node ****... Is that QA code for product testing?

3) Did the counting system stop working (12 legs = pull off 8)

4) What's up with Lolth's Regen ability.

5) Limited Spawns - We killed over 250 trash mobs during the end fight, what is up with that? Mostly Spider Souls.

6) 40 runs, with over 30 on Hard or Elite, 2 20th end rewards, have yet to see Balizarde drop. What the heck?