I am trying to copy The Juggernaut "Prime of the Warforged" Build because I do prefer a melee type character who can wade in, survive and "dish out some damage".

The guide doesn't really cover which spells to take.

1) Can anyone with some experience give me some advise as to which spells are worth taking or not when I plan on being surrounded by packs of mobs?

I only get 3 to start....

Ablative Armour
Enchant Armour
Enchant Weapons
Shield of Faith

They all sound good! I assume I get to choose more later...

2) Are Flame Turret and Blade Barrier viable for a melee Artificer?

3) He takes Mithral Body at lvl 9 - Could I sub out Flame Turret or Blade Barrier instead?

Thank you.

I am a new player; I am going VIP and purchasing the 32 point package to help me get started
on the Thelonias server (I live on the West Coast) if anyone wants to look me up


Ingame: RudedawgCDN