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    Default More info on future plans?

    Firstly huzzah for finally being able to log in to the forums again.

    Thanks for the Shadowfell FAQ but I'm curious for more info about the expansion:

    - How many quests exactly?
    - Will that be enough xp for the new lvls?
    - New Raid or not?
    - How will the lvl cap increase work, just base lvl or will ED's be changed at all?
    - What's the time frame for Iconic Reincarnates? The dev diary hinted at LR first, then TR later but is that like 1~2 updates kind of later or “hand wavey far in the future” kind of later?

    The time frame of other features are also somewhat related:

    - When is that epic reincarnate thing happening?
    - Can we assume more Iconics will be added later down the road?
    - Spellpower/skill changes were said to be separate from the enhancement revamp, will that be coming sooner then?
    - Of course eta on enhancement changes are always welcomed but please take as much time as possible getting them right, no need to rush it.

    Some of these may be answered with the next Lamannia update but the earlier the better as a couple of them may determine some folks pre-purchase decisions.

    I personally was really hoping for Gnome to show up this year but I'm guessing those resources went into the Iconics instead. I'm still not clear on who those are aimed at.. it seems odd to market a 'premium pay only' class to beginners who are less likely to shell out money. I wonder if sales of these will pick up after they can be TR'd into/out of.

    Lastly thanks for your hard work! Even with the myriad of problems it's still better than any other mmo for D&D fans.

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    I would like to know as well before I pre order.
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    [*]Small evolutionary change that can be completed in shorter stretches of time is more readily achieveable for us than large _revolutionary_ change. Revolutionary change can be rather destabilizing from an engineering and balance perspective.

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    I've been told that important part of future plans is:

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    Default More details?

    Well we've had a couple of these questions answered:

    - How many quests exactly? ~ 10 quests & 2 explorers (granting access to a current quest is a silly mechanic and shouldn't count as part of the expansion)
    - New Raid or not? ~ No

    Based on the current xp chart the new lvls will require approximately:

    26: 1,050,000
    27: 1,200,000
    28: 1,350,000

    Which means 3,600,000 XP to reach the new lvl cap of 6,600,000 for epic base lvls.

    I don't see how only 10 quests and 2 explorers can support that new cap. It seems possible now that someone who is not completely min/maxing their xp gain could really screw themselves in a way that makes it impossible for them to reach the cap due to repeat and lvl penalties.

    Maybe this was part of the purpose, to discourage ED xp farm mode that has been forced on us with the current system? Is this part of the Epic TR plans maybe? Will you be redoing xp requirements or gains in the new lvls? I'd rather you keep the xp numbers consistent and just add enough content to support it rather than modifying xp requirements to fit the limited content.

    The best strategy if things go this way seems to be “stop playing till there are more 25+ quests available”. I don't mean this as a “I'm mad and want to quit” but simply from a mathematical standpoint someone who wants to continue getting xp from quests at cap and wants to avoid repeat penalties will not want to run any quest more than twice at most before they reach the new lvl cap.

    Is there a plan to deal with this? There are a few options but I think either of these would work:

    - Remove all repeat penalties once you reach the cap
    - Repeat penalties could decay over time like ransack, reset every 7 days or so

    Please let us know your plans for this before the expansion hits! These are important factors, especially for those of us who are not big into TR'ing but still want to explore Epic Destinies.

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    Default More details?

    screwy forum double posts

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