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• Communion of Scribing: The Reconstruct Spell as a Spell-Like Ability
Greatly repairs yourself or an ally construct, restoring 10 hit points per caster level (max 150hp), while simultaneously granting an increase in attack speed. D&D Dice: Repairs constructs 10 hp per caster level (max 150).

Thanks Dev for confirming this.

ONE more question. Do ALL classes as Bladeforged get the Recon SLA? Or only if you go Paladin?

So, if I roll a 15/3/2 Bladeforged Pally/Ranger/Monk will I be able to use reconstruct SLA?
From the email-reply-typing hands of the dev working on it: It’s part of the new Racial Enhancements that Bladeforged will get in U19. It doesn’t require Paladin levels.

As always: Standard disclaimer that anything still being worked on can change.