I just dumped $167 dollars yesterday preordering all the packs and fixins (not to mention I have been unable to log in fr 2 weeks!).

I bought the Bladeforged for the 2 abilities=
Communion of Scribing: The Reconstruct Spell as a Spell-Like Ability
Greatly repairs yourself or an ally construct, restoring 10 hit points per caster level (max 150hp), while simultaneously granting an increase in attack speed. D&D Dice: Repairs constructs 10 hp per caster level (max 150).
Communion of Handling: Your attached weapon becomes Adamantine, bypassing Adamantine damage reduction.
Power of the Forge: Action Boost: For 20 seconds, you gain:
+20% Action Boost bonus to weapon damage.
+30 Action Boost bonus to Universal Spell Power.
+4 Action Boost bonus to all Saving Throws. While under this effect you do not automatically fail saving throws on a roll of a natural 1.
+10 Action Boost bonus to Armor Class and Physical Resistance Rating.

But they are BOTH MISSING! What gives? In addition I would like to say that my 10,000 point Turbine code did NOT WORK. Buyers beware!