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    Hi folks,

    I do accept that the links had to change for the forum upgrade, however since then naturally all the Google generated search links no longer works and the ones with the in game advanced search no longer will do an exact phrase in the title only. I have saved a few dozen links of thinks I refer to on occasion of old threads of information that I review now and again when leveling a toon and the exact title of these threads is in my bookmarks. However when I try and search an exact title, eg "YASH Yet Another Stick Horcrabat" I get post not found. There are many other examples of builds I have saved for various reasons with similar titles. Seaching entire posts for just "YASH" which should be fairly distinctive gives me 7 results, all wrong.

    Now not all the posts I want are that distinctive in title like say "Sorcerer Savant Spellbook" Which was a decent thread of various types of Savant type's spell books and a fair discussion on spell choices I occasionally have referred to. No luck finding that one and I am sure I can find more than a dozen others.

    This really needs fixing, please.
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