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    Default Walcheks Sale-And-Mart

    Looking for:

    Expansion Code
    Otto's Box
    +4 Tomes
    Flawless Greens

    Send me an offer of what you think is fair, and I'll let you know whether i accept it, or make a counter offer.

    By preference send a /tell to Walchek or Kavinsky, can't really be bothered logging onto the forums these days.


    Globe of True Imperial Blood - Standard Expansion Code only.


    Epic Elite
    Bulwark of the Storms Fist (Ins Con)
    Ring of the Djinn
    Chill of Winter
    The Mountains Fist (x2)
    Copper Ingot Arcanum
    Death's Locket
    Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy
    Tortured Livewood Bow
    Jeweled Cloak (+2 Ins Con)
    Kardin's Eye
    Hammer of the Leaden Clouds
    White Dragon Helm (+8 Dex)
    White Dragon Helm (+8 Str)
    Blue Dragon Helm (+8 Int)
    Black Dragon Helm (+8 Dex)

    Update 14 Items
    Blade of the High Priestess
    Staff of the Necromancer

    114 Nullification
    +1 Exc Dex
    +2 Ins Dex
    Anything else available from the vendors

    Trade Goods/Scales
    Lesser Convalescent Bracers of Superior Parrying - 10% Heal Amp, +4 insight AC, +4 insight Saves
    Cannith Power Cell
    Mystical Cannith Power Cells


    Kundarak Warding Shield
    Hellstroke Greataxe
    Darkstorm Helm
    Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets
    Phirlian Mirror Cloak
    Ring of the Mire
    Ravens Talons
    Tourney Armor
    Full Plate of the Ring Leader
    Garos' Malice
    Gloves of the Claw
    Dragons Eye
    Ring of the Silver Concord
    Spectacles of Spirit Sight
    Doublecross Bow
    Helm of the Moranon
    Necklace of the Silver Prophecy
    Kundarak Delving Goggles
    Gloves of the Falcon
    Hruvayah's Medallion
    Ironweave Robe
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