At this time, we have deployed an update to our web infrastructure that should resolve time-out and authentication errors. Additionally the dev tracker has returned! Click here for the dev tracker. Several style issues have been resolved as well.

Players who are still running into a Turbine Maintenance page when attempting to view the websites should ensure they are viewing the site with the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Firefox. This maintenance page can also result from modifications to your host file, so ensure that you remove any host file changes that may have been changed from DNS issues previously. In almost all recent cases, we've traced the "maintenance page" issue back to an out of date host file setting, so please spread the word to your friends about this issue if they are regularly seeing a maintenance page!

While we have repaired many users' forum accounts, we are aware of some accounts that still need to be manually repaired by our engineers. We continue to work on these accounts to restore their posting history. If you already have a ticket submitted you do not need to take any further actions unless specifically instructed to do so by the support team. However, if you have not yet submitted a ticket to us, please consider doing so. This can be done by going to, then clicking on "Support Center" and then "Submit a Ticket." Send it to Community/Forum Support.

You will also find a couple of new links at the top of the forums: Dev Tracker, Game Download and Bug Report. The Game Download takes you straight to the download page for the game client, and the Bug Report link takes you straight to the online bug submission page.


As a special thank you to our players for their patience during our website work, we would like to offer our community a gift of XP! Use coupon code 4UMSXP for 1 Sovereign I Experience Elixir (a +50% XP Bonus good for three hours), 1 per account!