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    Default Search and Disarm - new "feature"

    Might be a bit of a "fight club" report, and maybe it's already been reported somewhere...

    ...Since the update, if I start to Search or Disarm and then move or swap gear etc. to cancel the action, the game makes the roll immediately, instantly completing the search/ DD action without having to wait for the animation and progress bar to complete.

    So... if it's a "feature" what's your bet on the time frame to fix this? Years? Months? Days? Hours?

    Or is this WAI?


    *Looks like this applies to nearly anything that has a progress bar (e.g. recalling, opening chests, opening doors, flicking switches etc.)

    *Requires the progress bar to be a small way through to work - approx 1/4. Cancelling very very early seems to work as it used to (i.e. the action stops).

    *PSA: if flicking a switch is a quest objective, using this trick will bork it - the switch will be activated, but the objective will not be fulfilled. E.g. use this on one of the runes in Xorian Cipher and the portal will close, but the count of the number of portals left to close on the optional will not go down and that optional will not longer be completable.

    *PSA 2: being interrupted by getting damaged while performing an action with a progress bar will have the effects described above (i.e. action completes immediately & if quest objective, you're screwed)
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