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    Quote Originally Posted by Raithe View Post
    Here's an argument:

    1) During years of gameplay experience I have observed people getting skunked during group play sessions
    2) I have observed over time that many people do not like getting skunked
    Therefore, it is probable that some people may not like their gameplay sessions.

    Here's another:
    1) During years of gameplay experience I have often observed casters getting lots of kills while other classes get very few
    2) Getting skunked is a situation where some people get lots of kills and others get very few
    Therefore, it is probable that casters generate situations where people are getting skunked.
    During years of gameplay experience I have observed many different situations in group sessions, Most of which do not match your observations.

    I just wanted to throw that out there as well, since observations and gameplay experiences vary greatly depending on the individual.
    I think the logic leap from "Casters are overpowered" to "People are leaving DDO because casters are overpowered" is not one that can be overcome quite so easily.

    More to the point, I have observed more people leaving the game due to Turbine's comedic host of errors, bugs, and other assorted shenanigans that anything else. I love DDO, and think Turbine has a great product, but since before MoTU things have gone from "normal" MMO stuff to a company that I have to shake my head at repeatedly because they keep shooting themselves in the foot due to poor management.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilldude
    Dude, did you see they way that guy just pressed button 1? It was amazing! A display of skill unseen since the 1984 World Games where in the men's room, between events, a man washed his hands with such unbridled majesty that people were claiming the faucet he used was OP.

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