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    Default The Cost of Astral Shards.....

    Maybe the head haunchos at Turbine should reevaluate the cost of astral shards, to buy anything decent on the shard exchange you need at least 1000 shards, if u dont have them to begin with, you cant sell anything to build up enuff for ur item so u have to purchase from the DDO store, but let's look at it this way, 1000 shards would be around 50 american dollars, are u kidding me. Now that astral shards are so easily aquired via the exchange, can we please get a more realistic turbine point price on them in the DDO store as well?

    /sign if u agree, comments are most welcome too ofc
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    I would say the problem isn't the cost of Astral $hards it's the price people are listing gear at in the AH that is the issue.

    Personally I find it hillarious that people are asking 30 -100 US dollars for average Epic Hard gear that isn't even all that hard to get running the quests yourself.

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