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Thread: PDK iconic

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    Default PDK iconic

    Just wondering if anyone thinks this is going to be used for anything other than a melee splash for SOR/FVS/PAL

    Or if any PAL isnt going to start as a PDK and dump STR for CHA....

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    Personally, I'm more concerned about the fate of the PDK prestige enhancement line/tree now that this is out.

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    Warchanter bards are interesting too I'd say.

    More cha and less str helps in situations where you have to be something else than dps. Not sure if you are able to carry all the stuff a bard usually has in inv with less str. And if you want to be melee and caster you don't have the problem anymore to get one of the few cha weapons. Also makes having bossbeaters easier if you want to use cha for hit/damage.

    But I doubt that dumping str is working for a toon with medium armor, several weapons and maybe also some shields and many scrolls.

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