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    Default Where are all the favored soul builds?

    I am not really a new player exactly, but I am completely new to the world of favored souls.

    I'm very close to TRing my wizard into a favored soul. This will be my first time running a favored soul and was hoping to look at possible builds but it seems with the new forum update all the favored soul builds except 1 have been erased.

    Here are my goals for the build, if anyone could direct me to potential builds that'd be excellent, otherwise I will try to mimic novasoul, at least to some extent.

    - Pure 20 favored soul (probably, unless you convince me otherwise) -> leaning towards 34 pt human
    - Able to heal raids
    - Good spell damage (thinking probably light and blade barrier mostly, with the occasional fire blast)
    - Not embarrassing with a sword, for those pesky moments that sp runs out (planning to probably go sword and board, are favored souls proficient with scimitars?! If not I guess I have some longswords lying around...).
    - Probably solid UMD, unless it seems like too much of an investment
    - Bottom line: I want a "cast first, keep everyone standing, and ok with a sword if it comes to that" type of build.

    Limitations: I do not have helf/horc races and I do not have any end-game gear. This is probably going to be my end-game gear farmer if I like him.

    What I already have:
    - +2 tome in every stat
    - quite a bit of plat, in case I absolutely NEED a +3 tome or something
    - Conc-opp item...probably will spend some time in sands trying to get torc, but not counting on getting one
    - Probably enough of any color dragon scale if dragonscale armor would take this build to a different plateau while leveling
    - Fully decked out epic cavalry plate and epic dagger for arcane lore

    Knowing my play-style, I will probably end up playing this guy like a heal spec bard with some added nukage thrown in.

    Wow, that post got long in a hurry. Thanks for any and all help!

    P.S. if you catch me on Sarlona, I won't make you byoh

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    Google 'soul survivor'

    Took it to 20 solo - very fun build

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