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I didn't say or imply, that you disagree with his point, just that it's my opinion, that you are omitting other very relevant ones on the way to your conclusion.
I, too, have expected the drop rate in servants to be adjusted. I've expected that adjustment to be the removal of optional token, for which it's been said that is not there intentionally and not additional cuts to otherwise comparably well placed token returns.
True, I might have misread your post - lets put that down to English not being my first language.

The point here would be that noone got robbed of anything with the adjusted droprate in SOTO, most players must have expected this deep down. We are only left with a now more boring grind if you take no pleasure in runnng the old quests for the drops they give, due to the extra time it will take you.
I did run them the last to lives I took to 25 (mostly because I find SOTO a very boring experience by now) and I found that each toon would net about 10 tokens in all pr life. So grinding there will be for sure. Maybe a full token in OOB will make it viable for farming again in EH