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I already feel like I have been screwed over by the ddo store by buying Huge and then Gargantuan ingredient bags.
Then the new augments are released and ninja stealth changed to a "different" type which is all just BS anyway since they can be coded to go wherever the programmer wants.
So now I am being forced to buy an augment bag as well which is still BTC and still too small to hold all the augments.\

Anyone else feel like they are dealing with con artists?

Also ALL types of bags should be:
1. BTA (do you really expect ppl with 10 toons to buy 10 of each bags?) - of course if something inside is BTC then the bag changes to BTC for the time the item is in it.
2. At least Mediums and Larges should be aqquirable IN-GAME - thro chests or some collectables or favor - we dont have augument ones at all. Why is that?
3. Weighless But thats my little dream .