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    Default SERIOUS BUG WENT LIVE: Spell Power, Critical chance and spell critical damage NOT WAI


    Can we please stop feeding the trolls? I don't want this thread locked.

    And please read the thread before posting. A few recap:

    1) About the numbers you get in your Spell power sheet: it's just a display bug, confirmed by Kookie Kobold HERE

    2) Most likely, and this is a not-so-wild assumption made by me and a few other posters, the MCL bonuses are not applying correctly, that's why our spells are doing so less damage. Instead of casting Lightning Bolt at CL18, we are casting at CL10.

    3) NEW The bug-nerf into the Spell critical enhancement (went from 9 to 6% because the first tier is 1% instead of 4%): it's probably one of the changes that was coming with the enhancement pass. However, our beloved trolls, have no idea that every spell caster should get a free 5% critical chance at level 1 that we are not getting at the moment on live. So either they fix the first tier of Spell critical enhancement on live now, or they should give us that free 5% that we are supposed to have with the enhancement pass.

    Original OP:

    Details can be found HERE on a LAMANNIA THREAD.

    As you can see, it was found in Lamannia. It was bug reported at least THREE TIMES by me and it still made it live.

    The bug is, right now on live, I'm looking at damage you see in the left-handed pics of the thread linked. That means I'm doing 50% LESS DAMAGE than I'm supposed to do and that's not JUST IT.

    Also, Spell critical chance is bugged, resulting in much much less Criticals. Probably, and this is just pure speculation, the items are not working correctly and not applying the 12% critical chance.

    The same goes for Spell critical damage: before U18, Chain lightning was used to do 2.3k damage on a Crit, now it's doing 1.2k damage.

    I bugged reported on Lamannia, I made a post on a Lamannia thread, TWICE, I showed you Screenshots of the bugs, what was happening and maybe why and how AND IT STILL WENT LIVE.

    My disappointment is huge. Hope this is going to be fixed ASAP.
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