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Fully entitled to your opinion, of course, however there's many of us who completely disagree; and why bother with a jewelers kit? You (or at least I) can re-earn the ingredients faster than I could grind up the TP. Use those for pulling Vitallity augments from Minos helms
a bucks worth of TP's or a couple hundred K plat, versus spending the better part of an evening re-running those two chains. You're welcome to spend your time how ever you like of course but the sensible thing to do is swap voice on just like 99% of the player base does right before completion, and save that clear slot for something else that comes out, like padding a secondary stat you only need +6 in or filling out a +1 exceptional, or +20 vitality... I can't see having more than roughly 3 clear slots right now on any of my toons... So this pointless burning of spell absoption charges just seems all the more well... pointless