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    Default The guild system is too stressful

    When I first heard about the guild changes last fall I was very excited and happy Turbine was doing something for guilds. Then I wondered why some guilds were going up and others weren't.

    I eventually figured out my guild didn't get any help at all. I learned it when someone in the guild left for a bigger guild because we would never get the good ship buffs.

    So I plodded along even as we lost a level. Then another person quit the game because he thought our guild was dying since we dropped 2 levels, even though it seemed fine and we only lost 1 person.

    So after seeing so many people on the forums that feel the same way I do I don't understand why Turbine won't let our guilds advance. I play a lot. I always take renown from chests and often do when I get the option in end rewards.

    Then I thought, Turbine would definitely fix this before they offered the next pre-paid expansion because they would realize some people may not buy it otherwise. I was wrong again.

    So I guess I will just move on. I don't want to buy an expansion in a game that wants guilds like mine to go away. It's not really a rage quit it's more of a sad quit. I gave this game a good try and had a lot of fun. It's just not fun when I have to deal with the stresses of guild decay.

    This sums up the current state of the game to me. It may work for some, but it's not working for me and will only get worse over time as lfms keep going down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonos View Post
    Keep in mind that on Argo, a lot of people are grouping in chat channels and with guildies. Get into a guild that runs a lot together. A lot of guild mergers have cut lfm's quite a bit too. Good luck!
    Happy adventuring to all

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    I play 3 characters, one of these isn't even in my own guild. I started my one-man guild about 1 year ago. Currently, I'm at level 61 and about 50% towards level 62, at which time, I will secure my final +2 stat shrine (STR). There is nothing above LVL 62 worth having on the ship imo. Consequently, I have no idea what you you are talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotMaarl View Post
    There is nothing above LVL 62 worth having on the ship imo.
    Consequently, I have no idea what you you are talking about.
    Clearly you have no idea what he's talking about. Or what you're talking about. And yet you posted. Curious.

    OP, if you are finding the guild thing stressful (and it is messed up), then maybe you're spending too much time in the game. Because it should not be stressful. It's a game.

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    Lightbulb down

    Downtime is stressful!!
    Going MAdD

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