I'm curious, what sort of reflex do you have?
Speaking from my sorc life (18/2, sorc/pally), he had a *good* reflex, but wasn't quite at the magic 95% for EE GH.
Hell, for anything outside GH, he was more likely to fail a concentration check due to a melee smacking him around like a football, seeming at half damage spells are less of a threat than melee. Not quite sure a druid can reach that reflex, even dex based.

I also don't care about casting speed, I care about no fail. "While this feat is activated, spells will be cast faster (roughly twice as fast) and cannot be interrupted by a concentration check." And based of EE GH hp (which is just silly high), if I have agro, not 100% sure I can drop the enemy before he rips me into little pieces, hence the no fail hjealz.

So, as I understand it, I lose evasion, some AC (from wisdom bonus) and toughness for prr, better leveling, heavy armour at level 2 (more AC), no fail hjealz and fighter haste boost (to save a twist)?
No evasion doesn't scare me, especially seeming this is a ranged char
*Note. I do plan to use a bow for leveling, as soon as it's feasible without completely gimping myself. I play DDO for fun, not for being hax, 1337 and other stuff. (If they mattered, I'd still be a shiradi sorc xD)