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    Smile DDOGamer: The Forecast Calls For Mainly Sorcerous With a High Chance of Hitpoints

    Sorceronk? Monceror?

    -> What do you call this build?

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    This is probably not an end-game build. Maybe, but I’d want fully maxed CHA. But Mawry will not be seeing the end-game anytime soon, even when she is done with this new life that still makes her only 50% of a Completionist.

    Ouch, it hurts to see that last fact laid out like that. Oh well. Someday I will finish; gotta have hope, right?
    It gets easier as time goes by.

    The only foe you have to fear is quitting...

    And thus was born the Monceror. Or Sorceronk. Or whatever it is to be called, a Sorc18/Monk2 hybrid with robustness assisted by Monk levels (feats, Evasion, etc) and a whole lotta Constitution. More CON (18) than CHA (16).
    Sounds interesting.

    Cloey built a Pally ?/Monk 2/Sorcerer X and it was impressive.
    {She liked to use +5 hearts towards the end of her journey to uber completionist,
    so I believe she wanted the Pally past life. but regardless it was interesting.}

    I recall turning around in elite Monastry and seeing a player running right towards us.
    Behind him where at least a dozen spellcasters.
    I went down, he went down, and Cloey killed them all...

    Except that sounds exactly like her last life as a Cleric. Hmmm. When I laid out her life plans, I thought it would keep things fresh if I alternated caster classes and melee classes. But I didn’t envision that I would be playing the Cleric strictly for melee.

    I feel a need to mix things up.
    Kudos to you, uber smart philosophy.

    but Mawry must remain a Halfling
    Interesting, I like the theme.

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