Calling all halflings. It is that time of year again. It is time for the Halfling Summer Games. This year will be our fourth year running. We will be starting Friday June 7th at 9:30pm CDT and run one raid every Friday night until they are done. I, Saleena-Riedra invite all my halfling friends out to join us for another fun year of running raids.

Here are the raids we will be running this year and the date we will be running them.
6/7 DQ 2 (Demon Queen 2)
6/14 Titan
6/21 VoN (Vault of Night)
6/28 Nude Tempest Spine
7/5 Reaver
7/12 Shroud
7/19 Hound
7/26 VoD (Vision of Destruction)
8/2 Nude Chronoscope
8/9 ToD (Tower of Despair)
8/16 LoB (Lord of Blades)
8/23 MA (Master Artificer)
8/24 FoT (Fall of Truth) Note: This one will be ran on a Saturday @ 6:00pm CDT because we are unable to run the last Friday in August.

As usual I will post here the Wednesday before the raid to allow people to reserve spots for the up and coming raid. I will then on the day of the raid post the LFM for the reserved at 9:15pm CDT. At 9:30pm CDT the rest of the spots will open up to any halfling currently on game that is willing to join us for the fun.