Let's see, what is this now...the millionth thread about this topic?

The etiquette is that the item was put up for a roll, people who wanted to roll did so, and someone other than OP won the roll.

We can make all the assessments that we desire. Winner's DPS isn't great. Winner won't use item as well as OP. Winner plans to TR, OP does not. Winner can't even use item. Winner sells item to vendor.

Maybe the winner simply thinks the item looks cool for his character. Maybe it fits their character concept for RP reasons.

Any and all of these are completely irrelevant to the fact that the roll was won by someone other than OP. While I can certainly understand the disappointment, I'll never understand the angry judgement.

Here, the OP acknowledges much of what I've mentioned - and yet the question remains "what is the general consensus?" It appears to be the same as it always has been. So we're not breaking any new ground here.