I've been running CitW a lot recently. I'm TRing my current favorite toon into a Juggernaut next life and so looking for Sireth and, more importantly, Pinion. I'm mainly aiming for 20th completion as i know this will be my best bet. Hopefully Pinion is in list........

Up until my 16th run i'd never had an item drop for me. On my 16th Celestia dropped. Great! But i wont use it next life or in the foreseeable future, so i put it up for role and the Cleric won it. Awesome, very happy for him.

On my next run I got both a CoH (amazing, prob only the third to drop). Someone also put Sireth up for role so i rolled (d146 low or something like that). I rolled 16! Woop! Then a Sorc18/Monk2 rolled on it. And got 9. I asked him if he planned on TRing the character. He replies "no, why?". WHY? Because, despite what you believe you're not DPS (although one of his guildies in the raid 'telled' me right away saying 'dont worry man, he will use it, he is great DPS'). Well i got news for you man. He aint. I watched him the entire raid (as i was interested to see if the "spell sword" idea can work at end game) and, when he wasn't avoiding the Lolth fight by standing around doing nothing/hiding, he was generally running away from MOBs beating on him as he flailed his greatsword around.

This was particularly frustrating. I know everyone is absolutely entitled to make a character anyway they want and play the game for their own enjoyment (i'm a huge advocate for this) but when it comes to raid loot that is extremely hard to get, what is the general consensus on the etiquette here??

I know I'm ranting. It's kinda frustrating. Deep in my heart i say, you won the roll, all power to you buddy. But the devil on my shoulder growls and says 'he stolesss it from usssss, preeeecious'!!

/rant over :-S