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    Default little trixi even bigger trash

    \\\\\\\\\\Im interested in//////
    wraps/kama with +3 evo and either 120 glaciation or red slot...
    ee arkat cord
    6% doublestrike ring with any slot
    30% hamp bracers with sup parr and slot...
    martial cell or two

    \\\\\\\\\\\Im selling///////////

    \\\\\\\\\\expensive stuff///////
    ee ring of shadows
    ee quiver of poison(ofc became bound so have to use ah)
    +4 int tome
    +4 str tome
    +4 con tome

    grave wraps
    8dex black helm
    glove of forgotten craft
    bulwark of the storm fist
    mountains fist
    gr8 axe of the chained soldier
    tortured livewood bow
    arcing sky
    silver arcanum ingot
    bronze ingot arcanum
    ruby of reconstruction 114

    /////////////interesting loot gen\\\\\\\\\\\\
    +6 impulse of evocation onehander
    +6 corrosion of enchantment onehander

    \\\\\\\\\\\\other payent options////////////
    expansion code
    draconic augment
    otto boxes
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    trixalai \o/ xirrantha \o/ trixilai //argonessen // Trolls Lair

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    removed few items i was looking for... added +4 tomes and ee backstabbers
    trixalai \o/ xirrantha \o/ trixilai //argonessen // Trolls Lair

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    adding another gloves since they r selling so well
    trixalai \o/ xirrantha \o/ trixilai //argonessen // Trolls Lair

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    removed gloves, added ring and some stuff
    trixalai \o/ xirrantha \o/ trixilai //argonessen // Trolls Lair

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