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    Default Shout spells viable AoE damage?

    I've always thought about making a Bard 16 melee splash (some combo of Bbn/Ftr/Rog) for fun. I mostly solo and prefer classes like Art, FvS, and arcanes, all of which have solid AoEs.

    Now I know a Bard isn't going to come close to those in terms of AoE DPS but are Shout and Greater Shout even worth slotting, assuming you have the enhancements and a Resonance item? Again, this would be to supplement melee DPS.

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    I use the greater shout, but not the regular one. I have all the enhancements and a level appropriate resonance item. Damage is probably 100-200ish at level 18. Let's face it, bards don't have anything else. If you can get the dc up, the stun is nice.

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    Shout is not worth it, in my opinion.

    Greater shout is better than nothing but being on par with 3rd level spells for damage still not so great. If you go for crits on it you'll see 500 point crits easily enough that groups could be worth it once in a while. Generally you are better off with attacking.

    Maximized empowered shouts when you get it will get you 150 point crits and 85ish normal damage and you may as well be swinging around a carnifex or moonhowl depending on your build. No word of a lie, that spell should have had some upgrades some time ago to add spell casting failure for deafness and a sunder effect on the failed save to be closer the game representation of the PnP secondary abilities.

    DDO adds a lot of focus on sonic spell power in the destinies and in the upcoming enhancement changes. What is needed is something worth using that spell power on in the bard spells. I've made characters that added greater shout damage as a novelty ability but with low damage and lower DC options and few actual spells it's hard to put any real focus on it.
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