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    Some people are SO bad to group with (annoying, drunk, offensive etc) that they start getting black-listed and ignored on the server. Not saying this applies to the OP. Just saying I have seen people make this bed for themselves and then come to the forums claiming that the server is supposedly "dead" for them.

    imo, there is nothing wrong with Argo and a server transfer needs to be investigated instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironclans_evil_twin View Post
    The truth is that 20 LFM's total is a very unhealthy number for this games LFM system, because it's so filled with other impediments, once you drop below the critical mass threshold you get people leaving because there's nothing to do besides solo.
    So many valid and necessary observations put into a single sentence...
    ...let's count them:

    1) Turbine did everything to protect players from each other except for THE ONLY THINGS THAT MATTERED - being able to play together without undue griefing.

    2) The "other impediments" is what REALLY needs fixed. Of course that would mean getting a whole new playerbase while somehow ousting most of the current one...

    3) (Most) people play MMOs to pass the time in an entertaining (interesting, fun, educational) manner. Solo-gaming is not an effective longterm strategy for such. If you are going to try to segregate your playerbase into compatible playstyles, you actually need to support each of those distinct playstyles on a semi-regular basis.

    4) Hostile people are hostile with each other. The discriminators want everyone to believe its us the mighty against them the gimps. There is no us. Hostile people don't like playing with each other as much as basically everyone doesn't like playing with them.

    There is no usefulness to a server merge. Increasing the number of hostiles playing with everyone increases the dropout rate to a degree that completely compensates for the retentation rate increasing due to increased LFMs and groups.a

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    according to DDO had 110K active accounts in early 2010. It is now 2013 and Im sure those numbers have dwindled down even more. DDO needs server merging.

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    Cool Neigh-sayers != nay-sayers

    Quote Originally Posted by xxHazexx View Post
    The game's population is dwindling down regardless of the ever-so persistent neigh-sayers!. /Signed for Megaserver technology!
    A nay-sayer would be someone who controverts a statement, while...

    A neigh-sayer would be a horse and...

    a horse is a horse, of course of course
    and no one can talk to a horse, of course ...

    You're welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enoach View Post
    On one hand "not a lot of LFM's" could mean a reduction in PuGs, but on an other hand it could also mean PuGs fill so fast their LFMs don't stay up long.

    Guild Groups and Channel Groups also reduce the number of LFM's, as these groups are running with what can be referred to as "Known" members or at least a shared agenda.

    I think using the LFM system as a "Measure of Life" on a server is only a small part of server life. Things we can't measure as users is Guild group activity, closed group activity.
    id say if there isnt enough LFM then i would assume a new player wouldnt want to stay on this server and so its just a matter of time before the lack of normal LFM becomes a reality and there really is a lack of LFM.

    this is my experince atlest dont play on argo so dont care either way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drwaz99 View Post
    Just remember, just because you love Argo, doesn't mean Argo loves you!
    Argo's hate just makes me stronger....and go play in a woodchipper preppy, that is all

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    Default 90-day traffic

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotMaarl View Post
    Some people are SO bad to group with (annoying, drunk, offensive etc) that they start getting black-listed and ignored on the server.
    Oh ok, maybe thats why the last couple pug raids I was in took an hour to fill & the one I was in last night never got more than 5 people after waiting at least 45 min. It must be me! Gee thx for the insight because I was thinking it might be less people playing or a dwindling population or something lol

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    /signed. Thelanis is dead. Can't put a pug together if my life depended on it. I still play often, but the only time groups get made is peak times, and even then with difficulty.

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    Big time

    Even the channels and guilds are dead on argonnessen when trying to put together a pug. Everyone always checks the channels and their guild, and they still take forever to fill.

    People saying "there are 20 groups!" as a defense are just playing devils advocate, or haven't logged on Khyber and seen that there are a BALANCED 30 or 40 groups between all level ranged. 20 early level groups, then 2 or less groups for anything 17-25 for hours on end just isn't fun.

    Server merge 100% is needed.

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    /signed for Thelanis

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    It seems a few more people are coming back to Khyber, and from running a few TRs lately there seems to be a fair bit of fresh fish being unloaded on the Harbor Docks.

    Turbine need to reinstate the Raiding End Game, to pull old players back to the game.
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    Our guildies that are off playing neverwinter haven't returned yet, but one person promised he would be back starting this weekend after an 8 month break from the game. playing SWTOR and NW He was historically one of our most active guildies so that is a good sign.

    I am skeptical about a server merge because there would initially be an increase in LFMS, but over time some of those people would become part of channels, guilds that only run as a guild and static groups for the same reasons people do that now.

    I think the real challenge is to get more new players sticking with the game and buying content/subscribing to replace natural attrition that occurs over time. I think it would be also be good to reward people for posting LFMS without punishing those that want to run solo or exclusively with their friends.

    With that said I am part of the problem because I stopped using the LFM system about 7 months ago. Once my friend is back playing the game I suspect we will use the LFM system more since we used to post and/or join LFMs for most quests.

    As for Argo, I don't know anything about the server so I have no opinion about it merging due to low population.
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    I think the problem is that players that post lfm´s are geared up and are waiting for the expansion. Some are working on some alts and with elite streaks, soloing and short-manning is just less time consuming...

    Endgame on Argo is usually ok on weekends but mostly dead during the working days.
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    Okay... take following with a dose of salt since I've not played or looked at LFM status in last two years. (I'm waiting for them to fix a bug)

    some of the problems concerning LFM numbers undoubtedly might be due to lesser player amount. This problem could be fixed with server merge.

    a big chunk of it would be due to following though:

    Dungeon scaling (more than one player, dungeons get scaled up in difficulty making it harder and/or take longer) This mainly applies to older players who are self sufficient and can both kill mobs and heal themselves.
    Bravery bonus (yes, this IS a problem, no one wants slow people to slow down their streaks of +xxx% to exp or dying to give them -10%)
    Epic destinies (they make almost anyone who has them self sufficient to big degree, at least according to what i've read of twist this and that and that here on forums)
    scared of playing with others (reasons might be many. they die? they need to be told how to run something optimally? i have no clue..)

    and of course guild/channel grouping that matches players up with their current friend groups avoiding LFM panel totally.

    server merges would likely only fix the "not enough people" problem, which looking at the graph Hutoth posted a few posts ago affects Wayfinder only.

    server merges wouldn't fix problems that come from design flaws that kind of penalize people for taking in more people.
    Dungeon scaling (can extra player bring in more damage than monsters get hp? if not, it's "counter productive")
    Bravery bonus (dying and or mismanaging aggro or.. whatever means loss of exp. grouping with unknowns is a risk. add to this timed exp potions and it's a race against time)
    Epic destinies (yes, supposedly they have lot of HP, they have even MORE HP if scaled up which implies that grouping with people who might die means less exp/minute and "wasted" run)

    all that doesn't mean i don't like grouping, I love it and more often than not I've had most fun in "wasted" runs. like 3.5 hours Pit (yes, that lvl 8 quest) or.. Wizard king that took like 3 hours or... so on but... i can also see why some avoid public groups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by colinski283 View Post
    Wow when are you playing? Are you playing right now? I only get on from 11 pm - 2 am US Central time. The times I have logged in what seems would be prime time at 8 PM US time it was still no different, almost no parties. If you are playing now then I would never see it. But at this time in US everyone is at school and working. I dont see how it would be full now.

    Do i need to open some ports or something lol?
    I dunno. I play in my static TR group in those times. When the others log off I usually have no trouble finding an LFM.

    Maybe you need to start posting LFMs, get some friends, or hit us up for some runs?

    I've seen it plenty busier, I won't deny that. But I've also seen it much more dead than it is right now.
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    /Signed for Orien.

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