The idea of the build is simple: nether grasps + slotted spell agility 15 + elven arcane fluidity IV = -35% ASF.
Using Skyvault Shield you can go around in full plate and tower shield and still have 0% ASF.

So what the build does?

108/123 PRR (with a possible +50 or +100 from shiradi tea)
25% incorporeality (wraith form)
50% displacement (20% at all times)
7% dodge
AC nothing special but still some giving some miss% (about 100+ AC self buffed)
+54 self buffed reflex save
800 hp

SELF HEALING with negative auras and negative bursts, which proc shiradi effects on mobs around you

Since you go melee with mobs, conc opp + torc + halcyon boots mean you get an unending supply of spell points to fuel bursts, auras, tensers and ice storms.

Build core: DROW or HELF, Wizard 12, Fighter 6, Paladin 2

Drow gets +2 reflex, more spell points (more int); Helf gets about 40 more hp and raise scrolls through cleric dilly.

You get 16 feats:

3: spell focus, gr spell focus, mental toughness (to get wraith form)
4: extend, quicken, maximize and personally eschew (I've played with and without and I hate having to worry about stacks of bull strength potions etc... but you can take something else if you think it's gimp)
3: toughness, shield mastery, improved shield mastery (and you qualify for stalwart defender)
5: pow atk, cleave, great cleave, imp crit, overw crit
1: depends on weapon (which must be a planar conflux for the +15 prr); if you want to use nightmare for glancing procs, take exotic:bastard sword, if you want to use mornh take stunning blow, etc.

Destiny: Shiradi Champion
Twists: Legendary Shield Mastery (2), Energy Sheath (1) or PRR Sigil (1) - not sure about best tier 4

(*gtg more later thx for reading