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    Default Credit where it's due...

    To any devs that still monitor the forums, please pass this on to the appropriate parties...

    We post a lot of dev hate in these forums, I've been no exception to that. I would like to put forth some thanks for the things I do appreciate, and I'm hoping some of you out there might join me with it. What changes have you thought were well done? What are some of the ideas you've seen implemented that you liked?

    No "left handed" compliments please, no "I would've said (this) but..." remarks; just tell 'em what you enjoy about the game that they've provided for us...

    As for me, the (still relatively) new augment system is full of win. The expanded options and versatility it allows are excellent. Every time I have a gearing dilemma, there's an augment solution to fix it. Deathblock, heavy fort & feather falling just to name a few have been awesome to put in variable locations.

    Another 'atta boy goes to the AC/PRR work up. Taking AC from what had effectively become an "all or nothing" situation to giving value to a moderate AC was needed. Physical Resistance Rating has added a new dimension to our defensive schemes, and breathed life into certain concepts like the armored arcane caster. I'm personally fond of the expressed notion that heavy armor provides more protection than light armor even when the potential AC (via build choices) is the same.

    What about the rest of you out there? Anything you would like to say "good job/well done" about?
    I would still like to see... Something that tests character versatility and player adaptability rather than character focus strength and quest knowledge.
    I play the quests for the content of the quests not just as an XP/min merry-go-round.
    Actual play experience is worth infinitely more than theorycrafting...

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    I love the MoTU expansion pack! Yes it was buggy when first released if I remember right but you get so much for your money! I went to buy it and found it was on offer at 50% off so even better! Eveningstar, Kings Forest and everything just look amazing to say the least!


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    I agree on the augment system, AC/PRR, Motu. Even though I am in a level 80 guild and had access to large guild slots prior to the change, I think offering the same slots to people regardless of guild level was a good move for the game.

    I'll add that opening up epics with multiple difficulty levels was a really good thing for many people. Increasing drop rates of heroic commendations in fall of truth was a great move. I also think providing a mechanism to upgrade a raid item from normal to elite in Fall of Truth was also a really a good idea. That way power gamers can have their top-tier item right away and there is still a way for casual gamers to upgrade - it just takes longer.

    And I was going to leave a left-handed comment, but won't to honor your original request. The Devs have done some really good things in the last year.

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    MotU has some really nice atmospheric envirmoents - especially Underdark. I would love to see a whole quest that takes place in the Underdark wilderness (not entered through - *takes place in*).

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    I really like the storyline development and conclussion with Epic Gianthold. I don't mind running familiar content and wilderness areas to track down new explorers to soak up the great atmospheric work they did out there in touching up the landscape and adding the audio explorers.

    The new enhancement system I am still confident will be excellent. All they need to do is remove 99% of the pre-requisite dependencies (i.e. look at the ED enhancements and just copy the broad freedom of choice we got there) and base AP cost pre-requisites on "Total" AP spend instead of "Tree AP spend". It's not a huge stretch of the imagination and to me the only logical conclusion to the alpha -> beta -> discussion -> review process. And if it leads to additional prestige options coming along in the future as they've previously stated, then that's just something else to look forward to.

    Love the atmospheric feel to the Underdark area, it completely recaptured that whole sense of exploration that you had when areas were completely new.

    I really like the Monster Manual. A great piece of fluff, with the latest volume awarding pretty good xp, although I'm not impressed by them moving the Hunter achievements to be character only. And if they fix the known issues (that we're providing them with all the details of) then it will just get better.

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    Default Augments and hirelings.

    I really like the new augment system as well. It brought a level of fairness into the game and allowed all players the chance to get and use augment gems while eliminating a system that forced players to either join or start a guild to be able to ever hope to use it. That was a pure win in my book.

    I also really like hirelings, as it gives new players and returning players the ability to do *most* quests in the game at their personal pace and at their own personal difficulty level allowing them the chance to learn and get comfortable before joining groups. Hirelings were the single biggest reason for my migration to DDO.

    I also like the fact that they give ALL players regardless of account type the opportunities to get store items regardless of ability to afford them in the form of free weekly items and earnable Turbine points.

    I am also grateful for the daily challenge tokens. At least for House C (I have never run the MoTU ones) but it allows for players to partake of the challenges and earn decent gear/Artificer class.

    Also a big thank you for making GreenSteel mats drop in devil Assault. As a player that has never stepped foot in Shroud, this is very much appreciated.
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    [*]Small evolutionary change that can be completed in shorter stretches of time is more readily achieveable for us than large _revolutionary_ change. Revolutionary change can be rather destabilizing from an engineering and balance perspective.

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    I love this game. I like Greensteel crafting, I love the FR expansion, I like the combat system and its revamp; I also like the new augment system, and am looking forward to the new enhancements (provided they do something about the divine PrEs :P)

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    Thank you for the kind words!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    I tend to lodge quite a lot of complaints, but this is more because there is a strong reason to log on the forums and gripe when things are wrong, but very little incentive to do so when things are going well. I wouldn't bother to complain about the negative aspects of DDO if I was not very much enthralled by the positive ones. So here are just a few to name:

    - Character creation. DDO may not have the visual appeal that games like City of ... and the like have when creating a character, but the fact that you are able to very deeply customize your character means that this game has a great deal of depth and replayability.

    - Detailed and well crafted quests. People tend to forget just how amazing things were the first time that they ran a particular quest. But really, if you look at the quests in DDO compared to instances in other games, the difference is amazing. There have been many different design philosophies over the years, and these can be felt mechanically as you play the different quests. But one thing that has remained fairly consistent is that the quests are very flavorful and well narrated. This really gives questing a much more enjoyable feel, IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by PermaBanned View Post
    Another 'atta boy goes to the AC/PRR work up. Taking AC from what had effectively become an "all or nothing" situation to giving value to a moderate AC was needed.
    I know that this was meant to be a positive thread, but I feel compelled to comment on this. The new AC system is terrible. I mean, really awful. The stated objective of it was to make any AC somewhat relevant, no matter what content you are running. Instead, the formula that was chosen makes it so that the vast majority of ACs are still totally irrelevant in the top end of quests. People pointed out that once the MOB to-hit reached twice the reasonably attainable AC this would happen. And the vocal developers said "Well, that won't ever happen!" Only now it has happened.

    Systems changes in an established game like DDO should be very well thought out. If something has existed for several years, and the system is failing, then it certainly needs to be changed. But it needs to be changed to something that is very scalable and will manage to endure for many years to come. Not something that is half-assed and is going to become just as out dated as the system that it replaced less than a year later.
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    I love EVERYthing that sets DDO apart from the hundreds of WoW clones. Specifically:

    Instanced quests and wildernesses
    Slayer/Explorer/Rare wilderness goals
    NO scavenger hunts
    heroic level raids
    class openness in gear choices
    elf/dragon/giant crafted armors
    multiple crafting options
    Widely different environments (gianthold/cannith/refuge/fens/etc.)
    the introduction of Forgotten Realms
    New Classes (Arti,Druid)
    Iconic Heroes
    Enhancement Tree UI revamp (despite its flaws, the new UI is awesome)
    the ever growing massive pool of gear/weapons
    Guild Ships
    Some of the Best, Worst, Funniest, Scariest voice acting ever. (yes, even the 'worst' stuff is great in its own way ) *eGH voicing is AWESOME!*

    In all, no other game I've ever played has captivated me half as much as DDO.
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    Thumbs up Still favorite mmo out of anything else i've tried so far...

    Even though dungeons and dragons online has some age too it. DDO by far has single handedly managed to maintain my attention span and intrigue me with learning experiences to date. Even though the game lacks a market for pvp gamers, it delivers with community and gameplay. Please just make it clear to gamers needing extra advice and add a download here sign to the interactive game guide for newer players. Thanks again sanadil for making life in ddo less confusing.

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    I think of DDO as a D&D based character build sandbox. IMO It's where Turbine got it so right, that I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    The thing that scares some casuals away is the thing that keeps me playing. No sooner do I get a character capped (or to mid level) then I've got yet another idea I want to try. Basically I feel like I'm playing a monty hall high magic, 10 year old campaign (meaning like a DM's mature fleshed out over 10 years custom campaign) with some pretty good house rules called "enhancements" and a few splatbook PrE's thrown into the mix.

    (note on the negative comments about AC: that is only really true in a very small portion of the games available content GH EE and a few other EE's - not going to derail the thread by further commenting on that, AC is far more useful to 99% of my characters in 99% of the content)

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

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    And suddenly, the feeling that Thelanis is waxing and Khyber waning is cemented!

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