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    Default Grats to DDO devs for never making a bug this bad

    The DDO devs deserve some praise for never making a bug as bad as the one on Neverwinter right now.

    You can make a bid on the Neverwinter auction house for a negative number. And if your negative number is bigger than any positive number, you win the item and GET THAT AMOUNT OF CURRENCY MAILED TO YOU!


    The economy there is so screwed.

    Bid -50,000,000 on an item and you get the item and 50 million mailed to you!!!! haahhahahahah

    Then you take those millions of astral diamonds (the ingame currency) and you buy Zen (the real $ currency) on the Zen exchange.

    One person bought $90,000 worth of the Zen currency in a couple hours last night.

    So grats to the DDO devs for never ever ever ever screwing up that bad!
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