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    Quote Originally Posted by chance2000 View Post
    We are pleased to announce that Neverwinter, the most anticipated action MMORPG of 2013, will be transitioning out of Open Beta on June 20th!

    There ya go.
    Charged money in cash shop = Beta was a smoke and mirrors term. Do not look at the man behind the curtain.

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    Haha, I think this one is pretty wrapped up now. Much to do about nothing. Some did disagree about the cash store being open, in an open beta. I wasn't much a fan of it either, but I understood why. Imagine, the gall of wanting to be paid for a day's work! It went fine. People didn't have to pay a dime. Many did and were quite happy. Some did and were sad. Either way, it was purely optional.

    There was no conspiracy, the game will be ready to launch on the 20th. The game is now listed as [O] just for you Chai, and a few others

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