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    Default Memphis BBQ Fest...some Khyber visitors!

    I was looking for the RL Meetups forum, but in this new format my Forum-Fu has failed me, so I decided to post this on the Khyber Server forums...since the guilty parties in this post all play on Khyber. Enjoy!


    As many know, my family hosts an end of May party at the Memphis In May Sunset Symphony which is catered with an open bar and is very, very fun. What folks don't know is that this year was the first year I decided to see if we could extend the fun a little bit by inviting folks to come for BBQ Fest the weekend before the Sunset Symphony as well.

    My call for houseguests did not go unanswered and we had a blast. I can confirm that enough food was eaten for several people...and it was all good...and several good cigars were smoked, beers quaffed and mead guzzled.

    Next weekend should be off the hook as there will be seven (?) folks coming in for the party to partake in the festivities.

    But, don't despair, even though I'm an incredible idiot, I did take a few photos of the guilty parties for this past weekend, and without further ado, here they are!

    First up is a picture of myself, eating ribs from the catering truck of Central BBQ, one of the best of the best in Memphis:

    Next is a new player, Dibujo, who is actually staying with me and my wife for a time until she gets her **** together.

    Now for the good guildie, Film, and an insanely good Maple Bacon Sundae!

    And an honorary Loreseeker, and a good friend/questing buddy since we first met during Open Beta....holy moly that is a long time ago!...the one, the only DRAZ!

    *yes the Rhinestone Cowgirl pink banner behind him was intentional!

    And, lastly, a pic of Film and Draz and The Big Green Egg display.

    *the funniest thing about this picture is that it was taken just moments after I got off the phone with Beerman/Disavowed while we were planning our strategy for the upcoming mayhem.

    I'd like to thank these fine folks for coming down to visit me during BBQ Fest, and let me tell you all we had a great time. I had a blast, and know the others did as well. Now, it's time to let the BBQ settle a bit, let the competitors strike their tents and Tom Lee Park to get cleaned up a bit and have the big soundstage redecorated and the other amenities placed for the Memphis In May Sunset Symphony next weekend, where, I've already been advised, my liver will be put through the paces.

    More pics next weekend y'all!!!!
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    Thanks for the pictures.

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    Thumbs up Reply to Memphis BBQ Fest & Sunset Symphony (Memphis in May)...some Khyber visitors!

    As most of you know I don't post much on the forums ( I leave the drama to my hubby Hordo), but I just have to this time. We had some wonderful folks here for the BBQ Fest as well as the Sunset Symphony ( Memphis in May)! Bear with me as I'm going in order. We were honored to have a fellow guildie Film. He is so sweet and amazing in person. I only hope that our dogs didn't get on his nerves too much, sorry Film . We also had an honorary Loreseeker and current PNR member Draz. He is just a cool guy in person with a wonderful sense of humor! By the way Draz, if your reading this, thank you for taking the beagle off our hands LOL . We hope he wasn't too much trouble. Of course we can't leave out the two most amazing people ever, Beerman and Beergirl! They were so much fun! Beergirl is just as pretty as the sunrise in person and Beerman is just an all around awesome guy! The both of them get one word! We also had fellow guildie Timaithis and the future Mrs. Timaithis as guests. They are both really sweet, fun loving people in real life. Hordo and I couldn't be happier in regards to their decision to spend the rest of their lives together. We will see you next year Mr. and Mrs. Timaithis ! Last but certainly not least, we had fellow guildie Cerwitz and our new guildie Vynessia (I hope I spelled that correctly, if I didn't I apologize). These two folks were fabulous and really great fun to be around! Vynessia is just as cute as a button and can bake some fantastic brownies and Cerwitz has a wonderful humorous personality being the laid back guy that he is . I know we'll have Mr. and Mrs. Timaithis visiting next year, but I hope we have some to join them from this list as I will miss each and every one of them until then. Thank you all for the wonderful time and phenomenal memories that I will carry with me always!

    Until Next Year,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hordo View Post
    ...eating ribs from the catering truck of Central BBQ, one of the best of the best in Memphis.
    I have had their ribs and pulled pork. OMG! Tender, juicy, fall-off-the-bone heaven. Truly the epitome of slow-cooked porcine perfection. I wish I had been there.

    Here's to many more Mays for you and yours!
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