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    Angry Did a lesser Tr and lost tier 3 alchemical collar and epic blademark docent.

    Did a lesser Tr and lost tier 3 alchemical collar and epic blade mark docent, they were equipped on my iron defender,
    I created a ticket, was told that there is no such item in my inventory. I reiterated that the DOG had them equipped, i.e. they would be in HIS inventory.
    I was told that there was nothing that he could do, I asked for the issue to be escalated and was told that it would. Now I see the ticket is closed!
    Is this the kind of service I as a paying customer should get? Told basically to smeg off and go away?!
    Yes I am really upset with good reason. I will NEVER buy any more Turbine points if this is the kind of treatment I "deserve"!
    I don't ask for anything that's not fair, just return the tier 3 triple earth alchemical dog collar, or at least put the mats to make it in my inventory.
    That is all, I can easily replace the docent.
    Here is a suggestion, much like the you cant TR message you get when you have a reincarnation cache. Do the same for any pet that has equipment on it.
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    it's a known issue, check the post

    in fact has been know for a while, actually in my 3rd arti life(did 3 druid lives right before) and never, ever, tred with my dog wearing a collar or armor

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