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    Default Complete Inventory

    Not everything listed is necessarily for trade. If you are interested in something send me a PM with an offer.
    Tomes that are not listed as spare are only available in the FULL SET.

    Looking for:
    EE Nether Grasps
    Hide of the Goristro (Dex +8, or Con +8)

    Trading out / selling / taking offers on:
    Epic Elite:
    EE Ring of the Djinn
    EE Great Axe of Chained Soldier
    EE Bronze Ingot Arcanum (acid)
    EE Hammer of the Leaden Clouds

    (EE worthy stuff)
    Planar Focus of Subterfuge (except. Int +3)
    Seal of House Dun'Robar (str+2 Stun+10)
    Seal of House Dun'Robar (con+2 vertigo+10)
    Stone Heart STR +8
    I can also upgrade any of the armors from the 2nd/3rd evening-star chain to be part of whatever set they can be part of.

    Epic Hard:
    EH Hammer of the Leaden Clouds
    EH Silver Ingot Arcanum
    EH Copper Ingot Arcanum

    Epic Normal:
    En Gridle of Giants' brawn
    En Wizard's Ward

    "The Darkening" Items:
    Sacrificial Dagger
    Staff of the Necromancer
    2 Archaic Device

    Heroic Items (good for TRs and completionists working on more lives).
    Heroic Elite:
    E Forgotten Light (Devotion +90, Radiance +90)

    Item Augments
    2 Topaz of Acid Resistance 30
    2 Topaz of Fire Resistance 30
    Topaz of Fire Resistence 25
    Topaz of Cold Resistance 30
    Topaz of Electric Resistance 30
    Topaz of Sonic Resistance 30
    2 Topaz of Striding 30%
    Topaz of Feather Falling
    Sapphire of False Life +25
    Sapphire of False Life +30
    Sapphire of Natural Armor +6
    Sapphire of Physical Resistance +8
    Sapphire of Protection +6
    Sapphire of Good Luck +2
    Diamond of Dexterity +5
    Diamond of Charisma +5
    Diamond of Insightful Wisdom +2
    Diamond of Exceptional Inteligence +1
    Diamond of Exceptional Dexterity +1
    Diamond of Swim +11
    Ruby of Greater Acid

    +3 Tomes
    +3 Upgrade Tome of Clear Thought (Intelligence +2 to +3)
    +3 Upgrade Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +2 to +3)[/color]

    +2 Tomes
    2 +2 Tome of Bodily Health (Constitution (+2)
    +2 Tome of Clear Thought (Intelligence +2)
    +2 Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +2)

    +# Tome of Gainful Exercise (Strength +#)
    +# Tome of Quickness in Action (Dexterity +#)
    +# Tome of Bodily Health (Constitution (+#)
    +# Tome of Clear Thought (Intelligence +#)
    +# Tome of Understanding (Wisdom +#)
    +# Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +#)

    Alchemical/Metallic/Crafted Weapons
    Green Steel Rapier (planning on using, but hey you can make offers).
    Alchemical Great Crossbow
    Alchemical Kopesh
    Alchemical Battle Axe
    Silver threaded Handwraps (no ml)
    Ivy Wraps (ml 15)
    Dark Blue Ioun stone
    Convalescent Bracers of Superior Parrying (ml 23)

    Byeshk Returning Throwing Axe
    2 Adamantine Returning Throwing Dagger
    Silver Returning Throwing Dagger
    Cold Iron Returning Throwing Dagger
    Byeshk Returning Throwing Dagger
    +5 Incinerating Silver Bastard Sword of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane
    Byeshk Greatsword (ml 20)
    Byeshk Short Sword
    Flametouched Bastard Sword (ml 20)
    Flametouched Iron Khopesh (no ML)
    +5 Aligned Cold Iron Great-sword of Fiery Detonation
    Exceptional Charisma +1 Necklace of Haggling 15
    Exceptional Constitution +1 Necklace of Narutal Armor +6
    Screaming Byeshk Studded Handwraps of Lesser Evil Outside Bane, Ready for a +5 shard to be added (craftable +8) / Absolute ml 20
    Thaumaturgy Quarterstaff of Greater ice Lore (spell imp. +9, Pot 52, glac 78, Devotion 78, greater ice lore, ml 16)
    Glaciation (78) Scepter of Greater Ice Lore (ml 16)
    Glaciation Ring of the Magi (+78 Glaciation, +100SP, ml 15)

    * Other named loot *
    2 Rocksplitter
    Bloody Cleaver
    Mummy Wrappings
    Coronation Shield
    Dusk Heart
    Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers (old)
    Gloves of Gnoll Hide (old)
    Ring of Shadows (old)
    Intricate Field Optics (old)
    Fell Rapier of Ice (old)
    Stone of Good Luck (old)
    Bow of elements (air) old
    Yellow Augment Ring

    * Orchard Stuff *
    Tome: Legend 1
    Tome: Tome Legend 6
    2 Shield: Fragment 1
    2 Shield: Fragment 3
    Shield: Fragment 4
    Shield: Fragment 5

    * Cakes n Cookies *
    Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake
    Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake
    2 Shavarant, the Battleground Jelly Cakes
    2 Dolurrh, the realm of the Dead Jelly Cakes
    2 Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cakes
    2 Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cakes
    3 Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly Cakes
    Succubus Cookie
    Lord of Blades Cookie
    Kobold Cookie
    2 Hezrou Cookies
    2 Warforged Titan Cookies
    4 Xyzzy Cookies

    *** The following items are mostly listed for my own benefit ***

    Crafting Stuff
    20 Animal Slaying Arrow
    25 Aberration Slaying Arrow
    40 Dwarf Slaying Arrow
    40 Elemental Slaying Arrow
    20 Giant Slaying Arrow
    40 Human Slaying Arrow
    20 Reptilian Slaying Arrow
    40 Orc Slaying Arrow
    40 Vermin Slaying Arrow
    20 Monstrous Humanoid Slaying Arrow
    20 Ooze Slaying Arrow
    Soul Gems
    22 Magical beast
    20 Reptilian humanoid
    1 Aberration
    20 Animal
    4 Monstrous Humanoid
    4 Human
    17 Undead
    17 Elf
    18 Giant
    1 Strong Essence of Eath
    1 Goblinoid
    20 Gnoll
    1 Strong Undead

    Large/Medium/Small Shroud Mats
    1/8/5 | Devil Scales
    5/3/2 | Glowing Arrowhead
    5/4/1 | Gnawed Bone
    6/0/5 | Length of Infernal Chain
    5/0/0 | Splintered Horn
    2/4/3 | Sulfurous Stone
    6/3/5 | Twisted Shrapnel

    Epic Scrolls
    1 Boots of the Mire
    1 Belt of the Moranon
    0 Bracers of the Claw (+ seal)
    1 Chainmail Coif
    1 Coronation Shiled
    1 Docent of Grace
    2 Gloves of the Claw
    1 Hruvayah's Medallion
    1 Hammer of Life (+seal)
    3 Ironweave Robe
    2 Kundark Delving Googles
    1 Kundark Warding Braces (+ shard)
    2 Kundark Warding Shield (+ base Item)
    1 Kundark Delving Suit (+ 2 Seal)
    1 Mask of Comedy
    0 Mask of Tragedy (+ base item, + Shard)
    1 Necklace of the Azure Prophecy
    0 Necklace of Venom (+seal)
    1 Necklace of the Silver Prophecy (+ seal)
    1 Necklace of the Crimson Prohecy
    0 Noxious fang (+ shard)
    0 Phirlan Spy Dagger (+ shard, + base item)
    1 Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets (+ seal)
    2 Ring of the Silver Concord
    1 Stonemeld Plate
    1 Shatterbow
    1 Shaman's Band
    1 Siren's Charm
    0 Shimmering Pendant (+ shard)
    1 Utility Vest
    1 Ward of Undeath
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    PM sent.
    Healingonly (melee FvS, TR), Groggor (DPS barb), Nimrud (caster, TR), Yayamee (DPS/stun monk, TR), Tadko (evasion tank, TR), Piersi (TWF DPS), Feneya (monkcher), Zornix (druid now, arti someday) and many others (across all servers)

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