By the way, I'm new to the forums. The new website fixed a problem with me being able to create a login . So hi everybody!

Today I started a raid. Chronoscope, which is really fun btw, and if you haven't tried it, do and don't be afraid of being a "noob." Of course, be smart and have a plan or be willing to listen to somebody that has a plan, but you can't learn to do a quest without being new to it at some point. I will admit, I haven't run it a lot. Most of us that ran it hadn't ran it a lot. Ironically though, when I was explaining to people where to go get buffed the tank in the group decided to zerg into the shavarath mob just outside of the bank. Then he had the audacity to call us noobs and ragequit the quest.

So there we were, our healer had silently quit too, we had no tank, and we had four of us--2 rogues, a sorc, and me, the ranger. We were quite the squishy bunch to be fighting a ton of devils in a raid lol. I was about ready to quit when one of my awesome guildies (which btw, if you want to quest with a bunch of cool people, Spurned Legion on Cannith is a great group--smart and really nice) said we should at least try since we were in already. I'll admit, I was thinking "this should be an exciting 2 minutes." But it turned out awesome. Yeah, it took a lot of crazy tactics (and no, we didn't go spend TP to get spirit cakes or anything like that), teamwork, and communication. But we finished, and the rewards and fun times were phenomenal.

Go noob power. And btw, it is a lot more noob to try to face a mob and not wait for the group to take time and plan out. Not to diss the guy. I mean, we all have our diva moments (divo? lol, "whip it good" I dunno, there should be a male version too). But we got our raid rewards, and well, the rushing rage quitter didn't. Not that there is anything wrong with rushing at times, I mean, it has its place, but really, don't rage quit when you use a tactic incorrectly and call everybody else the noob. Just relax, have fun, and at least try. If it doesn't work, just remember to finish briefing the group before you enter the next time lol.