I read the book and last night decided to watch the movie. Ugh what a mistake.

I was so ****ed when I realized they were portraying the father (DeNiro) as a gambling addict and bookee. He was none of that in the book.

And then I see that they are making the main character, Pat, not really that big of an Eagles fan when in the book he was an enormous fan and the games played a large role in his relationship with his father. Booo! The book portrayed the fan family life so well and the movie just ruined that aspect.

THEN, the big fight scene at the Giants goes from being a really uncomfortable fight with a Giant's fan to a racist Eagle's fan starting the fight. WHAT THE HELL?? That is such BS.

Not to mention in the movie his Brother gives him a DeSean Jackson jersey and in the book it is Hank Baskett. Might seem small but it just eliminates much of the book.

Overall, after seeing this movie and reading the book...I think I wasted my money.

Jennifer Lawrence is great...but they ruined the character she the book she was a vital part of Pat's acceptance of the moviie they just seem to portray her as much less.